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New to dancing

Why would I want to dance?
I have two left feet (or another excuse/insecurity) - can I really do this?
I feel like I am too old to start - is it really for me?
What is Salsa and Bachata?
Which dance to learn first?
Where would I use my newly learnt dance skills?
Everyone seems to dance better than me - how do I get past this?
I find dancing in a social setting intimidating - what can I do?
I feel awkward/uncomfortable with partner dancing - is it normal?
My friends/family are not very supportive - should I bother?


What dance styles do you teach?
When are the classes?
How do I join?
How do I determine my level?
What happens during the class?
What should I wear to classes?
Do I need a partner? Can I attend by myself?
I cannot attend the days/times specified - what are my options?
Why would I choose your classes (over others)?
I heard classes used to cost $X or I saw others charging $Y - what gives?
Will the classes really make me a good dancer?
How long does it take to progress to the next level?
I feel I am already too good for these classes - do you have anything else for me?
How much should I practice outside of the class?
What if I miss a class - any way to catch up?
I've done classes before elsewhere - do I really need to do more?
I am finding it hard to find time to practice outside of the class - any tips?
I am finding it difficult to find someone to practice with - can you help?

Online Registrations

Do I need to register?
What are the payment options?
Why are you charging service fees?
What is early bird pricing?
Is there an option to pay by cash?
Can I get a refund?
Is it possible to pay weekly (casually) rather than whole course?
What are the instructional online videos for the Salsa Beginners course?
Can someone else attend on my behalf, if I am away?
Can I get credit, if I miss a class?

Social Dance Night

What is a Social Dance Night?
When/where is it, and how much does it cost?
Why isn't it free?
I don't know anyone - how do I participate?
What is the suggested etiquette on the night? How does it work?
I am not a good dancer, so no one will want to dance with me - do I bother?
I feel like I don't know many moves, and it feels repetitive - how do I have more fun?
I asked someone to dance and they said no - how do I deal with this?
Someone asked me to dance, but I don't want to - is it rude to decline?
If I am a female/follower - do I just sit there waiting to be asked to dance?
If I am a male/leader - do I always have to ask for a dance?
I feel intimidated dancing with better dancers - how do I get over it?
Do alcohol and dancing mix well?

Private Lessons

What is a private lesson?
Why would I want to do a private lesson?
How do I schedule one?
Can I do it by myself, or do I need a partner?
What are some ideas for what I can use a private lesson for?


Are Vaccine Passes required?
I don't have a Vaccine Pass, is there a way to attend?
Which trafflic light settings can the classes run under?
Could the classes be cancelled?
Are masks required?