We are not able to process refunds once the course is set to go ahead!

Why not?

Once we make a call to run the class, it is based on the minimum number of registrations. We book the hall in advance for the entire duration of the course, and are counting on those registrations to cover the hall hire and our time spent. If numbers drop throughout the course, this affects everyone in class, since there're less people practice with! So we encourage everyone to stick with it and commit to the entire course, as it has been designed to maximise everyone's learning experience.

What if I can't attend some dates?

We strongly encourage that you make time in your calendar to attend all of the scheduled classes. Our courses are structured to build upon the material we cover in earlier classes, so missing any of them is not recommended. Yes, we know life gets in the way sometimes, but just as we commit ourselves to running these classes, we ask that our students trust the process and make an effort to commit to the weekly classes. Just like learning any new skill, consistency is the key!

Just like with any school or university course - the fee covers the entire course, even if you don't attend all of the lessons. We do encourage several ways to make sure you catch up on what you might have missed. Firstly, make contact and exchange numbers with other students at the start of the course, so that you can always reach out to someone who has been to class, and can help you practice the new material. Secondly, we have an option of purchasing a full set of videos (Salsa Beginners only, at this stage) when you register. Videos cover all of the basics (plus some bonus material), so it provides a good reference for practicing the moves you've missed in class.

What if the course is cancelled?

If we cancel the course, for any reason, we will offer 100% refunds to everyone who has registered and paid so far. For those who paid via bank transfer, we will reach out over email to get bank account detail to process the refunds. For those who paid via Credit Card or POLi, refunds will be processed automatically.

Note, that if we have to postpone any of the classes during the course (sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control), then the course is still on - we just extend it by an extra week, so everyone gets the full number of weeks that was originally planned.

Can I transfer my registration?

Registrations are non-transferable, meaning you cannot transfer it to another person for the remainder of the course. We have gift vouchers which are a perfect way to give the gift of dance to your friends and family - they can then register for an upcoming course, and use the gift voucher. Get in touch with us if you wanted to get a gift voucher!


We strongly believe our classes offer the best value for learning Latin Dancing! Courses are structured and tailored to maximise your learning, and to allow you to step out confidently onto the dance floor. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the classes, please talk to us after the class, and we'll appreciate having your honest feedback. We may not be able to accommodate every request, but we certainly aim to create a great and positive learning environment for everyone!