Nelson Salsa Nights

What is a social night?

Social Night is a great way to come out and use the moves you've learned in class in a social setting. Super friendly atmosphere, cozy setting, and great modern latin music! Grab a drink or two at the bar, when thirsty (or to become a more social you 😁). It's also a good low-key way to introduce your friends to the lively world of salsa dancing, if they're still on the fence.

Who can attend?

If you've never danced Salsa or Bachata before, and want to join in, come to our classes that we run throughout the year - you'll be on the dance floor in no time! See "What's On" section on the main page for when the courses start.

You never know who you might meet! This is open to anyone who enjoys Salsa & Bachata dancing. There will be fellow students from the classes, folks that have been dancing for a while and live in the region, or passing travellers from overseas who want to sample the local dance scene on their journey. It's a great way to keep an active social life and meet new interesting people!

If you just started learning, it's important to come out and try what you've learned on a social dance floor. Don't feel threatened or intimidated by the more advanced dancers, we have a really friendly local scene. Dancing with someone from the higher level can help you immensely on your journey of learning to dance!

Is there a cost?

Cover: $5 / person (Cash Only)

Cover helps keep these events running, and ensure that Nelson has a regular dancing scene, where we all can get that needed dose of dopamine release! We also encourage that you support our venue, Lone Star Nelson, and get a drink or two on the night - as that helps us keep this venue long-term, for everyone's benefit! And if you wanted to make it a full night out, come in earlier, and try some of their delicious food.

When is the next one?

We are running the Nelson Salsa Nights on a Friday every 2 weeks, from 9.30pm at Lone Star Nelson (90 Hardy St)! Check the "What's On" section on the main page to see the next date it is on. If you are on Facebook, please Like our Page, and subscribe to the event to get notifications. There are few times throughout the year when we have to cancel it (due to unforeseen circumstances), and we will update the "What's On" list and notify on Facebook.

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